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Boot2 Compatible Wii Serial Number List


Boot2 Compatible Wii Serial Number List wii-settings-screen


Boot2 Compatible Wii Serial Number List

















The costs involved in acquiring the required tools and equipment to successfully complete this task can easily exceed the cost of a brand new console.

BootMii Boot2 Compatibility Serial Numbers If you want to know if your Wii is Boot2 compatible then have a look below at the list of serial.

Please do not open separate threads or PM me as this won’t help other members having a similar problem.. If your Wii is bricked, you should post a thread in the bricked section of the site before continuing with this tutorial.. First and foremost, you must have excellent mechanical and problem solving skills.. Use of this guide requires having many specialty tools and good soldering skills.. Lastly, you should consider the fact that the vast majority of people who attempt to flash their Wii fail.


Nand flashing is required to repair Low-Level or Fully bricked Wiis when boot2 Bootmii isn’t installed.. This guide explains how to use the Infectus or Progskeet modchip and Xavbox to flash the nand memory of your Wii console.

Please consider ALL other options before continuing with this method Chapter 1 – What You Should Know Before You StartNand flashing isn’t for everyone and there are many factors you should consider before attempting to follow this guide.. If you don’t understand everything here, I recommend you do not proceed as this is advanced brick repair and is not a suitable option for most bricks.. As mentioned in the warning above, this is advanced brick repair and I’ve done my best to keep the process as simple as possible in this step by step tutorial.. Some guides on this topic are even setup for failure however most people place self blame and wind up giving up.. FAQQ: Who should follow this guide?A: This guide can be used to repair all software related bricks however it’s strongly suggested that you only attempt this as a last resort to repair your Wii.. Secondly, doing this for the repair of a single console isn’t at all practical.. This is my one and only warning and I strongly suggest you read this guide thoroughly and think this all over before continuing.. If you have a question not covered or get stuck on a step, post your question or issue in this guide. 5ebbf469cd


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